Meet The Team

Clayton C.
  • CLAY - Instagram

He Founded CQM Group in 2014, Clay's passion for creativity and firearms have consistently contributed to the look and feel CQM Group prides itself on. Find him on his motorcycle or traveling with his wife and two kids.

Benjamin P.
  • BEN - Instagram

In 2011 Ben traveled across the Atlantic. He ended up at CQM Group in 2020 with an English accent and a fresh mindset to propel the business. You can find him at the range drinking his finest tea, complaining about taxation.

John S.
  • JOHN - Instagram

John is the newest addition to the team. His drive, passion, and creativity in photography are what what CQM Group needed in these new fast paced times. He is the most optimistic and kind person and you can find him editing photos or shooting at the local range.