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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the 2023 Mammoth Sniper Challenge. We hope you enjoyed the episodes we made for you after last years challenge and we are happy to announce that we will be filming you again in the upcoming event. 


In an effort to make this next year even better, we have been coordinating with Grunt Style to improve the quality of the content and the episodes for next year. We will keep this short and brief.


Think "American Idol", we would like you to submit a video in HD (1920x1080 Horizontal iPhone or Android Videos will work just fine!) Explaining why our camera men should follow your team. The teams that stand out the most will be chosen as the main teams we will be attached to for the duration of the challenge!


Submit your videos below and remember, film them horizontally and not vertically so that we have the option to put them in the final episodes! Go to the members page, sign up for an account and upload your video! Please keep it smaller than 500mb if you can! If not, you can email us the video to


Good luck guys!

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